Marauder Pistol

This Marauder pistol is not for a long distant shoot; however, after this tune up, the .22 pellet now hits better and quiet with the added suppressor.

Thus decided to replace a few things from its factory condition.

Replaced pin in Marauder Pistol Hammer with a 'tapered bolt', added a 105 i.d TP, a #45 spring, built a cheek rest, a pad in the stock. Did some adjustment in the trigger, added a shim on the side, so eliminated the lateral movement (play) it had; and as you will see at the end it has now a Hill-lcd.

The pin that is on the top of the hammer which engages the bolt, had sank to the point that the bolt run over it without charging or cocking the pistol. You may call that pin the stud. This was happening after I dissembled the pistol and added the TP and Spring.

It was working 'good' before; probably ready to give me a surprise soon if I did not find out when dissembling it.

The pin has a pressure washer that you may call it the shoulder, and it seems was lost, not holding the pin firmly. However I think (my opinion) that was a cheap way to make that system. Even if the bolt intends to engage that pin, it better had to be flat where it contacts the pin (in that side), to push better off.

I wanted to resolve the issue at home the same day, without more ordering of the same thing, thus I replaced that pin with a screw. I tried to tap on the hammer's hole the screw's thread, but the hammer's material is hard steel and it did not helped much. So I did it with the screw itself; and even though it did not happen as I thought it got inside the hole and straight enough to work much better than the pin.

Replaced with screw. I shortened the screw around 3 threads less:

Just in case added some JB Weld to its threads. Now there is no way that pistol will fail again, as you can see in the picture(s) the head of that screw is bigger and cannot go down or to the sides. It runs smoothly and without any kind of play.

Here the screw already in place:

This pistol has great 5 star reviews everywhere. Well I dissent from the chore a little bit. It is a good pistol but has flows. You can see in one of the pictures how out of line is one of the threads on a side of the spring's guide to the point that you can see the threads from outside the material, almost breaking out. Bad quality control. The safe of the pistol is a kind of j & j (joke & junk). Even it does not work if you make your trigger a hair one. At least it is my case, but the piece itself is not for an almost $400 pistol. Also, the pistol should come at that price with the degasser. Mine did not come with it. Then I had to order it from Pyramyd Air. The carbine stock is cheap plastic and has a play when installed. For that price point? You need to shim it or make some bedding inside.

Here that Spring Guide thread almost breaking out. I do not know if you will be able to notice it in this picture; check the thread lines. Then on the other side, as you can imagine is thicker. And that's from factory:

Now, from a piece of 2 x 4 located at some corner of my home shop, I made the cheek rest with a rail, then painted it, and now has a movable part. Added also a pad in the back; not because of recoil, but because the cheap plastic bothers. At least in Florida's summer time. So this pad is very comfortable and I did not needed to buy it. I once bought two of those for a 7 mm Remington Magnum. It was a spare one....'free.'

Here the whole pistol after the wood was painted:

I like the fact that you can put it in pieces, then in a back-pack, and can go anywhere. Light and fun to shoot. It will be even more quiet with a lcd for a night-time of pest control.... and easy to pump if needed. You can slide the cheek-top, up and down, etc. I had it from a type of AR stock. Did all taking advantage that I had everything at home... no extra $. Wanted to keep it simple and cheap.

Also, some people had added different stocks. For once I wanted to keep it light and ready to put in parts if needed. I did not wanted to block my ability to adjust the hammer spring without dissembling anything. Some people had added AR style from the back of the spring; then if wanting to adjust the HS, they will need to remove everything or just keep it the same way always. 

We expect that with the 105 i.d TP (Transfer Port) I installed and #45 spring, to have more speed (maybe on the 750 fps and up). Let's see after finding time for the chrono, adjustment of the spring, etc. It will be good to keep around 32 good shots (4 mags), and based on that will adjust the spring. In two days I should receive the Hill lcd, so I will also check the sound (db) and if it really works as intended. 

We intend first to use and check with the Crosman 14.3 gr. hollow-point; however, I know the H&N FT are really good in this pistol.
The Pachmayr Decelerator Slip-On Pad I added to the stock gave me that necessary inch to make it comfortable, and at the same time put some weight to balance it in the back. I thought first to make just one full wooden stock for the whole pistol converting it into a little rifle; but then said to myself: 'You will end up spending more than buying a new .22 caliber air-rifle + could have lost the ability to dissemble it in parts for easy transportation. 

Others have added a second reservoir underneath the factory one; but by not adding it you will have the ability to fill it up with a hand pump very quick when needed; in case you do not have a tank. It will be a 1-2-3 operation.
Just had some time with the new set up, and I am happy for this pistol now. Could not get the 32 shots as I wanted, but certainly 3 mags (24 shots)... more than good for this little pistol.

First let me say we tried at the end with the spring all the way-in minus one-full back; and decided to quit as it was taking pretty much air; so I knew that maximum one-to-two magazines would be the outcome. Those five shots with max spring compression were from around 3000 psi to 2100 psi:

1- 800 fps = 20.33 fpe.
2- 797 fps.
3- 793 fps.
4- 771 fps.
5- 765 fps.

Next with the spring all the way back, from 3000 psi to 1500 psi, I had this:

1- 777 fps = 19.17 fpe.
2- 779
3- 780
4- 780
5- 779
6- 776
7- 778
8- 771
9- 770

I can assure that in our chicken house, we never had 24 rats visiting us at the same time. Not even 5; and maybe because they know there is danger there. However, I am ready for 24, and a quick fill for 24 more. I like how fast they move. You need to be a real sharp shooter... I try at least ;-)

Accuracy was not affected at all. The pistol is sighted for 25 yards. I had an increase in the report, and that's why I later ordered the lcd. I knew it will become noisy. It was close to 82 db as showing in our sound device.

For the spring in almost full tension it is not bad if you know you will need 5 hard-hitting shots with great impulse, of if wanting to use a heavier pellet. I have a little Benjamin 4500 psi tank, and with that one you can fill this pistol many-many times in a minute.

For the 24 shots, spring all the way back, you have a few that will hit with great energy for this little .22 caliber pistol. Over 19 foot pounds of energy (fpe). Let's say it again that these 14.3 gr. hollow-point from Crosman shoot good in this pistol. I was shooting at only 25 yards, but boy, one after another in the hole and no more than half an inch. I do not expect to use this pistol further than 30 yards, maybe.

Just a final notice... from my house to a distance of 70 yards somebody (?) hanged up from a tree a mowing machine that eventually gave up on the grass activity... I shot it with the new Marauder Pistol and you could hear a loud hit!  Ping-pong! 

Here the Marauder Pistol .22 caliber pellet gun with the Hill-suppressor:

Definitely the report went down from what it was. It is showing a max of 55-60 db, and you can perceive the change with no doubt. The full aluminum moderator has no baffles inside, just another pipe with holes, with some kind of foam between that pipe and the main body. I will guess that the way it engages the shroud, then suddenly the wave opens up because the bigger diameter it encounters + traveling through those holes 8 more inches + it is only .22 cal., then it goes considerably down. I tried last night and I do not think your neighbor will know that rats are being put down, or that you had a nightmare and decided to target practicing under the starry night.

Will keep checking and using it to see if any variation.

The now .22 caliber recreational pellet pistol-carbine-rifle becomes almost as large as a Gamo Urban; however, take in account that it is even lighter, and all of the parts can be dissembled in a small package. I counted the time my little Benjamin 4500 psi takes me to refill this reservoir from 1500 to 3000 psi, and the whole process hardly goes beyond 30 seconds. I will try one of these days with the hand pump...but should be a piece of cake if compared with a bigger one.

This little pistol and accessories, with its fps + fpe increase, now has become one of its kind, and a g
ood-looking MP .22 cal!

Pistol Diagrams: