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1- GTA==> Related to Gamo Urban and Umarex Gauntlet:

2- GTA==> Related to Marauder Pistol:

3- Noe ==> Related to casting your own .25 caliber pellets:

.25 cal .41 gr.  vs. a .357 cal. 164 gr. casted slugs.

Once shot, in its widest part the .25 cal. expanded up to .357.5 cal. when hitting a 0.590 inch thick chunk of wood at close range. The wood piece (6 x 5 inches) had shattered-cracked from top to bottom.

If it does not fit exactly in your .25 bore (sometimes they differ for just a hair), you can try resizing it with a NOE sizing die for that particular caliber.

4- We go to the range for heavier and noisier adventures; however, at home we like to practice with our compound bows and minor caliber airguns up to 40 yards. Here is the stand we built. Arrows and pellets never go beyond that reinforced wooden wall in the back. I recently have added a couple of more features [sackful pellet catcher] not included in this picture for the DrillDog Big Bore Pellets .357 caliber; but in general terms it is just the same one. 

It is included here for others to see how easy is to build something ready for target practicing, zeroing your scope, and having a shooting fun time. Click on the picture for a bigger size.

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