DrillDog Big Bore Pellets

First of all we want to make sure that everyone understand about these air-rifles are not toys, neither should be available to children; and if you are going to use our big bore pellets or any other ones, you need to guarantee a safe place when target practicing, and strong back-wall against the possibility of reaching beyond what was planed or intended; and never use it for any inhumane treat of animals.

DrillDog Big Bore Pellets (the .357 cal.) have been manufactured with lead and to be used on the powerful .357 air rifles, and it also can be employed in other projects and applications where the .357 magnum caliber requires a tight and consistent diameter. 

Any .357 caliber air rifles can use these Big Bore Pellets. There are even some more powerful (and expensive) air-rifles like the Texans and other which actually can push-out better off these kind of slugs, due to their capacity, barrels, and design. Though we use as a logo a Benjamin Bulldog air-rifle, it does not mean that these pellets are specifically/only for it. As said, they are .357 caliber and as such it can be used on any other ones; even better off.

These Big Bore Pellets or Slugs are tight enough into the .357 bore, hence it insures a uniform start pressure, excellent accuracy, and precise target shot. As they are harder than common 100% pure lead pellets, you could have a stuck pellet every sometimes if used in the factory Benjamin Bulldog (no such issue in others .357 air-rifles); so, know this now, and learn how to remove it in such a case. Do not be scare as if it is the end of your rifle. Your barrel is made of steel, and your pellet is lead. Lay just one on the floor and hammer it, then you will see how it quickly deforms... again, it is lead. In rifles like the Benjamin Bulldog, for instance, it is very common to get a stuck pellet when using calibers beyond .357, or more than 95 grains from either caliber. It is the way that bar-bore is designed. In other rifles you do not have that problem. To avoid that, many people use very-very soft pellets; however, if your purpose is big game hunting, a very soft (100 % lead) pellet will not do much, and big bones will easily laugh at them. Other people use .355 caliber; however, after 20-25 yards it will not be so accurate, but certainly will never get stuck. 

It is your choice, so you need to measure your barrel/bore, learn how to get out a stuck pellet, and deal with all dynamics related to air-rifles, which are different; each one of them with their own symbolic material 'DNA.'

Remember this is an air-rifle, not a firearm; thus for a smaller game, you have in the .95 grain (even less), more than enough; so, do not go bigger with no reason and just because you saw somebody doing it in videos. Youtube videos are edited, and many people dreamed for life to be actors, plus as you make more videos Google will give you some money. More videos=more money.

As it tightness ensures accuracy's reward, firmly closing any gap for pressure-air to escape, we surely advise that if you decide to use also the .358 cal. pellets, do it as a single shot if you want to shoot them in a .357 air-rifle that has a magazine. They perfectly fit into the .357 magazine with no problems (cue just for .357 rifles which use magazines); but if you happen to miss-load two at the same time in the barrel, because of its stretching capability, then it will be harder to push both them out, creating an unnecessary plight.

As you will read ahead, we do not recommend, specifically in the Benjamin Bulldog, to use any pellet over 95 gr. with the magazine; but independently, with a separate tray or loaded by hand.

In case of loading two DrillDog Big Bore Pellets at the same time because of using the magazine (against our recommendation) and the human error of no paying attention when charging the rifle; do not panic, just turn the rifle upside-down and introduce the soft wood DrillDog Pellet Pusher 36 inches long [if needed longer let us know before order it] for .357 cal. through the barrel; then very gently, slowly, and carefully hammer it down with a wooden mallet till the last loaded pellet comes back to the magazine, then remove it.

As for the DrillDog Big Bore Pellets .357 cal., 95 gr., we certainly recommend either use it in the magazine or as a single shot, as you like. It ideally fits and faultlessly seats in the barrel. Good for a hard hit at shorter-to-medium (95 gr.), and medium-to-long (126, 128 gr.) distances, and rapid fire. Same when we use them as hollowpoints. Velocity increases due to be lighter than the .358 cal. tight ones in some cases; however, the heavier .358 cal. champions give you more fpe in those first five shots. All of them have a given trade between speed, fpe, and accuracy; thus you will find it out by practicing and shooting with your rifle. Every rifle is different in some degree, no matter if it is the same brand and caliber.

As we said before [Read also 'Our Big Bore Notes' http://www.drilldogbigborepellets.com/p/our-big-bore-notes.html ]; in order to obtain good accuracy the shooter requires frequent practice with many trying and errors. It is not the same shooting while seating or standing; breathing or holding your breath; squeezing the rifle or letting it loose; with front wind or side wind; quality of the scope or training with open sights; scilicet is not just a wanting thingummy, but much effort and time spent; however, it certainly can be achieved, and you do not need to be superman for such accomplishment.

As explained in our Casting / Resizing page: casted pellet-slugs always come with a slightly difference in weight due to their big bore size. That is normal due to its casting process, and it will not affect performance.

[.358 caliber will be a really tight fit in a .357 cal. air rifle; thus, it needs to be filled with air in its full capacity; otherwise it will get stuck frequently]

For Bulldog's difference between speed, pressure, and the energy generated by each pellet in its factory condition, go to our page:


After market tune-up upgrade  (Part 1, 2 and 3) we did to our Bulldog. It worked for us; yet, we recommend you first consult an expert to check if it is good for you as well. Click next:



-DrillDog Pellet Pusher for .357 cal [made of soft wood which does not damage the rifling and internal bore of the barrel].

DrillDog Pellet Pusher For .357 cal.

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-DrillDog Big Bore Pellet .357 cal., 95 gr.

This is a .357 diameter and 95 gr. semi flat nose Big Bore Pellet, Slug Overall Length = 0.410 inches, suitable for .357 cal. Air Rifles, or similar ones. This slug can also be converted into a hollow-point, as your needs come true, by drilling in the flat nose's center; either with an 1/8 or 5/32 diameter drill bits. You can use any home-made wooden base with holes the size of the slug to hold it under a drill press, like our  DrillDog Hollowpoint Pellet Maker. This way you can have both type of big bore pellets with just one buy.

DrillDog Big Bore Pellet .356-.357 cal, 95 gr

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-DrillDog Big Bore Pellet .357 cal., 126 gr. Cone.

This is a .357 diameter, Slug Overall Length = 0.590 inches, and 126 gr. truncated cone nose Big Bore Pellet suitable for .357 cal. Air Rifles,  or similar ones. This slug can also be converted into a hollow-point, as your needs come true, by drilling in the flat nose's center with a 1/8 drill bit; using a device like our DrillDog Hollowpoint Pellet Maker.

DrillDog Big Bore Pellet .357-356 cal., 124 gr. Cone.
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$35.99 Box of 150
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-DrillDog Big Bore Pellet .357 cal., 126 gr. Round.

This is a .357 diameter, Slug Overall Length = 0.600 inches, and 126 gr. round nose Big Bore Pellet suitable for .357 cal. Air Rifles, or similar ones. It can be used as well in other applications.

DrillDog Big Bore Pellet .357 cal., 126 gr. Round.
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-DrillDog Big Bore Pellet .357 cal., 128 gr. Full Round Nose.

This is a .357 diameter, Slug Overall Length = 0.570 inches, and 128 gr. full round nose Big Bore Pellet suitable for .357 cal. Air Rifles, or similar ones. It can be used as well in other applications.

DrillDog Big Bore Pellet .357 cal., 128 gr. Full Round Nose.
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