Air Needs

Every air device is different.

Air is like gun powder in an air rifle or pistol. In pcp air-rifles having .177, .22, and .25 calibers it is common to use an air hand-pump which differs a little bit with those used for bicycles because they can go up to 4500 psi. 

Of course, it is a job of its kind, as you need to pump a few strokes (many) in order to fill the reservoir of the air-device. For big bore air rifles, things are a little bit different because the reservoir is bigger due to the need of more pressure in order to shoot a slug, and then if trying to use a hand pump (you can) then as many as 100+ strokes are needed.

To avoid that you need to have a compressor that could go up to those 4500 psi, depend of which gun you are planning to refill.

A hand-pump like this one can be found in eBay for a cheap price and they will work really good. This one (next picture), in a whole year of regular use has not failed even once. When pumping, to avoid been tired too fast, use the weight of your body (not just your arms) to go up and down.

Like said, use the weight of your body when pumping up and down in 10 minutes interval, to avoid letting all gaskets inside the pump to be heated too much.

You can make a simple base as you can see I did here, with any wasted piece of plywood left over around your place, and the pump will be more stable, then you will be able to put your feet on each side to hold it in place while pumping.

You can purchase an air compressor like the one in the picture from Air Venturi, it is not cheap at all in price, as it can go over a thousand American dollars. This will allow you to fill up the rifle or portable tanks very quick, saving you from the hand pump work-out session; which by the way, it can be intense. The best way to hand-pump is before going to take a nice shower-time. You can take it as a regular excersize for the wellbeing of your muscles and loans....Be positive!

A good thing about this type of compressor like the Air Venturi, is that it is not that heavy; so you can take it in the trunk of your car, minivan, or pick up. Not that is made portable, but it can be handled with no issues if you eat one thick enough beef-steak every week . Then you can connect it to any source of power wherever you go, be a regular power-outlet, or a generator.

There are other compressors as this Yong Hen one, which costs a quarter of the Air Venturi; however, as you can see in this picture taken from the web, it needs a spare bucket with water to cool the whole operation. If you go back and take again a closer look at the Air Venturi compressor, the water-cooling tank (color white) is already added inside its body. I have never use one like the YHen, so cannot say if it is good or bad, but again, certainly way more cheaper than the other one.

This little Benjamin portable tank is very useful to take with you and use it when going to target practice with your air-rifle. This particular one has not the best reviews in different places; however, to tell you the truth, our has work flawlessly since the very begining. If you use it for a Big Bore pcp air rifle, as its capacity is limited, it will take longer time to fill... but it works. With other pcp guns like .177, .22, or .25 calibers, the process is a quick thing, and it will give you a few filling sessions. It can go up to 4500 psi as on the outside is made of a durable carbon fiber element.

Other choice you have is to use a scuba tank. They are heavier and usually will fill up to a 3000 psi, so you need to take this in account if you have a rifle which goes up to 4500 psi. Most of them need no more than 3000 psi. Some scuba tanks also reach 4500 psi, but they are more expensive. Depend of the size your air rifle's reservoir has, this type of scuba-tank will give you many fillings. It does not matter which brand you get, you will need also a scuba high pressure air fill whip. Thta's the hose you see in previous picture. With it you can connect your scuba-tank to another tank using a plug, or directly to your air-gun. So far the place you can get it cheaper is in Amazon, but check different sources as eBay, Scuba-Shops, etc.

You may need these two as well (next pictures). 1st (Foster male-to-male quick disconnect, or double male fill nipper) to connect your tank to another tank or compressor to tank in order to fill it up. The Air Venturi already brings one in its box. The 2nd one (a single male quick-disconnect with 1/8 bspp female threads) can be used with some air rifles which need a factory adapter to be filled with compressed air.

For any kind of air supply you use, do not forget to close the valve before bleeding the air in the line; same when filling up a tank from a compressor. If that compressor has an air-bleeding system itself, use it instead of the one in the tank because by doing so, the line's remaining humidity (water) will be better drained out.

All air guns have o-rings. If one of them fails, it will directly affect the efficient function of the rifle. Some companies sell o-rings overpriced, others produce a much better quality. Be any or another you can start with some cheap kits from Harbor Freight Tools Store, which as today will not go beyond $8.00 and it brings many from different sizes. They have more, but here an example of two kits: 382 and 397 pieces....Not bad at all!

O-Rings can get dry easily with air and dust. Main way to keep them in good shape is to spread just a little of silicone grease on them. The one I use, # LP20, costs around $8.00 as well, and the best place to find it is online, Trident Brand. Some more expensive vendors will tell you theirs is made with skin of an animal brought from planet Neptune at ten times the speed of the sound; however, after the journey from fiction to reality, we can tell you that this one certainly will work good, and you do not need to apply it much, just a bit over the o-ring.

If you intend to check how loud is the sound wave your air-gun is producing when you shoot, then you can obtain a Digital Sound Tester which measures the noise in decibels (db); or simply add an Sound-App to your android phone and you are ready to go.

In order to measure the speed on which your pellet or slug travels after you pull the trigger, use a digital chronograph similar to this one.

Now you have an idea on how to add air and provide some maintenance to your fun to shot air-guns; including to be aware of what you are doing!

Updated April 23, 2018.

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