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DrillDog Big Bore Pelletsat www.drilldogbigborepellets.com

DrillDog Big Bore Pellets have been manufactured to be fitted into the powerful Benjamin Bulldog and Sam Yang (Seneca) Recluse .357 cal. air rifles; however, they can be utilized in other air guns using the .357 caliber; as many different applications.

  • We ship only to USA. 
  • Please, carefully measure the bore or your airgun before ordering.
  • Returns made through our site are accepted; therefore, the item must be in the same condition as it was shipped. The buyer pays for the product's return; minus postage we spent if used 1-3 days quick priority mail delivery. Upon receiving the merchandize as described, refund shall be issued.
  • If you need to contact us here is the complete Info:


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Note of Advise: 
DrillDog Big Bore Pellets contain lead, which has been used among men for hundred of years without the harm that today leading and aggrandized trumpeters want to constantly portrait; however, we encourage you to wash your hands thoroughly after been exposed to the material for a period of time.

And again... we want to make sure that everyone understand about these air-rifles are not toys, neither should be available to children; and if you are going to use big bore pellets or other ones, you need to guarantee a safe place when target practicing, and strong back-wall against the possibility of reaching beyond what was planed or intended; and never use it for any inhumane treat of animals.